Monday, May 23, 2011


If I remember right, that's Todd from "Hoarders". Say "Hi"! He had a messy apartment that kinda paled in comparison to most of the other junk heaps usually shown on this wacky show. It definitely makes you feel a whole lot less slobbish in your own less than perfect cleaning routine. I'm in a mostly "A & E" brand, anxiety filled reality show kick lately which besides this show includes "Obsessed" and "Intervention" mentioned in my first entry (but that might be a different network). 

Todd's apartment was overrun with remains of misguided attempts at various hobbies; knife making, beer making, etc. Is there a worse combination than a drunk guy wielding a homemade knife? ha. Especially if he drinks Samuel Adams. *shudders*. I don't know, I guess I can't be 100% in my negative opinion towards Mr. A since the only variety I've tried is the "Summer Ale". I was somehow sold by its pretty yellow and blue packaging and citrusy tasting claim which unfortunately resembled orange-scented Ajax rather than the real thing. Eww. 

As far as beer goes, these are some of my favorites:

Colt 45
Framboise Lambic
Cider (any)

and I usually end up drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon because its usually given away or discounted when my band plays shows. I like it just fine but the Untamed Youth REALLY like it!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kids In The Hall

"Kids In The Hall" Season 3: Episode 17. "Darcy Pennell" show interviews Francesca Fiore who stars in a film about her having seven sets of genitals (!). The organ (no, not that type of organ) intro on Darcy's theme music sounds like the opening for "Punchlines" by Mates Of State.

My TV has a strange way of mixing the sound when it comes to dialogue and background music. We found our TV across the street from our neighbors throwing it away, mostly likely because they purchased one of those fancy Flat Screen TVs that everyone tries to convince you is superior. Meh. Why throw something out that's in perfect working order? All we had to do was buy a universal remote and we were set (harhar get it? Like TV set). Oh yeah, and we had to lug it up a flight of stairs in our apartment to test the thing out. 

So back to the odd speaker mix, dialogue a lot of times is low, while the booming music cues are overpowering. I'm not sure why that is, I've already tested all the different options in the settings and they all sound the same. Due to this minor problem, I'll take advantage of Netflix's "Subtitle" option that is available on certain shows and movies. Sometimes though, they'll have the wrong "subtitles" programmed into the show. Its kind of funny. Anyway, that's why the subtitles are on in this picture. What can I say, I've always watched TV most of the time with the Closed Captions on.  Did you know that the scary wolf-type creature in "The Neverending Story" has neon green captions?