Saturday, September 17, 2011

Heart Of The Beholder (2005)

Wow-wee, "Heart Of The Beholder" was pretty bad. It was filmed like a made for tv movie, except there's lots of swearing and awkward sex scenes. Really off-putting. I added this movie to my queue after watching the super violent "Kick Ass". "Heart" was Chloe Moretz first movie. I thought the "based on a true story" was pretty interesting even though it was poorly made. It's about a video store that faces backlash from the religious community about the videos they rent in their store in the 1980's. Namely, "The Last Temptation Of Christ". I had to laugh at the scene where a woman claims that "Splash" is a movie about bestiality. Who knew? There was a reporter who says "This is Mike Deetz On The Streets" so many times its almost at drinking game status. Also, the lead actor who plays the store owner looks so familiar to me, but I couldn't find what movie I had seen him in. I did find out though that he was Mike Love in the fantastic made-for-tv movie about the Beach Boys called "An American Family"


  1. MGC, I agree that the movie had the look and feel of a Movie of the Week. That is what it was supposed to be but the TV networks were afraid of pissing off the religious right, so it wound up being shot as an indie movie with very little money. Little money meaning about the same amount spent for a day feeding cast and crew of a feature film.

    The lead, Matt Letscher, played the absolutely nasty ass Captain in the first Zorro movie with Antonio Banderas. He's the one the cut the head off of Baderas's brother and put it into a water jar where the asshole drank from.

    I promise to do much better next time.

    All my best,
    Ken Tipton
    Heart of the Beholder

  2. Hiya! Oh wow! That's so funny that you actually took the time out to make a comment on my crappy blog. I appreciate that. :)

    I think I'm getting Matt Letscher mixed up with somebody else who looks just like him. I'll have to rack my brain for that one.

    I heard that there's an interview with you that's better than the whole film. I'll have to look that up again to check it out. Its a really neat story, because I seldom hear documentary or true story accounts about video stores which just about extinct. It's a shame, because they were so important to me growing up. As far as I know, there is no documentary about video rental stores.

    Thanks again for writing. :)

  3. I remember who it was, the actor who he looked like. It was Roger Davis from "Dark Shadows", who played Peter Bradford.