Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dick Van Dyke Show (1962)

That's the adorable Rose Marie telling Mary Tyler Moore about her date with an old high school classmate named Bassfinder. I only recently started watching "Dick Van Dyke", so I'm completely uninformed about its widely known history. The only things I've heard about it were how people thought Dyke and Moore were really married and how unusual it was for her to wear pants most of the time. That's really cool and everything, but why wear pants when they had so many amazing dresses in the early 1960's? I also luv Marie's hair bow (which apparently is her signature) since I tend to wear one on the same side myself. 

This particular episode talks about women being single in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. Its funny to think that people would look at you a certain way if you weren't married. To each their own. I think they try to show both sides, but you still can't help the time when this show was made. Women's lib and feminism was probably in its infancy. 


  1. I never really got into this one - not sure why though because I've always liked Dick Van Dyke in movies.
    My sis and I were big I Love Lucy watchers because we didn't have cable growing up and it was on one of the free channels in the summer. I always thought it was interesting that they had the adults not sharing a bed and I believe they were the first show ever to show/talk about a woman being pregnant!

  2. Oh yeah? That's so funny. I like "I Love Lucy", but I wouldn't say I was ever "into" it really. It's been awhile since I've watched it. It cracks me up with married couples have separate beds in older TV shows. I'm not sure which was the first to change that. They had one bed in "Bewitched" from what I remember.