Monday, September 5, 2011

Fat, SIck & Nearly Dead (2010)

There has been this crazed obsession with diets, lifestyle choices and veganism in the last few years that I've come in contact with. I wouldn't say my own diet is deplorable, but so far today I've eaten a bowl of Cheerios, two cups of coffee and a couple of handfuls of Cheez-Its (both Colby and the Parmesan Garlic kind). Sure, I guess you call my eating habits fairly bad. This of course doesn't reflect every single day and its about 4:30pm, so I haven't even had dinner yet.

"Fat" explores what it would be like to eat, excuse me, drink nothing but fruits and vegetables via a juicer and a whole bunch of produce. Lately, it seems that we're being told that just about everything we eat is harmful to us. At least it sure seems that way. I recall hearing about the fake flavor "packs" in orange juice and the writer of the article saying that its absurd to think that every carton of juice tastes exactly the same. Well, now that you mention it...

Anyway, Joe Cross, an Aussie man with an awful disease that causes crazy hives decides to take a 60 day fasting challenge. Its fortunately NOT in your face, preachy or sorta mean-spirited in the sense that if you're not doing the same, you're less of a person. I've had these sort of altercations with friends and acquaintances throughout the years. Since I eat meat and cheese, I've had people tell me that "oh wait, you eat dead things", or that I'm a "flesh-eater" and such. Frankly, its not very nice or open minded. I definitely don't judge people based on what they eat, its insignificant. Maybe one day I'll quit eating meat or cheese, but that's my decision. What can I say? I love cheeseburgers (although the fake ones are pretty tasty too). You might as well stick a Bowler hat on my head and call me Wimpy. Well, maybe not that extreme. My favorite food is actually french fries which can be both vegetarian and (I think) vegan friendly. Probably depends on what kind of oil they're cooked in.


  1. That show was weird - could you imagine the truckloads of veggies he had to buy like every other day?

  2. I know, right? They even say that it would cost about $18 a day in produce. That definitely adds up.