Thursday, May 24, 2012

Short Night Of Glass Dolls

Like much "Giallo" films (usually strange Italian mysteries with gore sometimes sprinkled throughout), I didn't expect "Short Night Of Glass Dolls" to have anything do with its title. I was right, there are no "glass dolls" (at least from what I could tell) in this movie. Just like another visually arresting Giallo called "Lizard In A Woman's Skin", the title has very little to do with the actual story line of the movie. This so so movie was saved by its super disturbing orgy ending and medical classroom conclusion. The rest was just okay but I was still definitely curious as to what was possibly going on. Its told from the perspective of a man who's presumed to be dead, even though he's completely conscious of where he is, yet can't seem to move his body. He's straining to remember how he got to where he is, so the film is a series of flashbacks of him regaining his memory. 


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    1. Thanks! yeah, obviously I haven't written anything in maybe a year.

    2. Although, I contributed two reviews to "Theater Of Guts".