Saturday, June 18, 2011

The In Crowd (1988)

Its funny taking a picture of your TV, with a TV on it. Too bad there isn't a "1960s teen dance show" trend like there was in 1987-88 with this film and "Hairspray". This is a cute movie. Arthur Conley is TUFF. 

The "Dance Off" scene towards the end between Donovan and Jennifer Runyon's boyfriend is soo laughable. Also, I always hate it when films about the early to mid sixties ALWAYS discount loud crazy rockin' R & B/Soul to make way for intellectual stylings of Bob Dylan. Nothing against Bob Dylan, but its apples and oranges. Arthur Conley and the Contours aren't anywhere near second class citizens to the "new" folk trend that swept in at that time. This is also depicted just about the same way in the film "The Wanderers" and also again features Bob Dylan. "The Wanderers" is a great movie, but so is the book by Richard Price which is much filthier than the film from what I remember.

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