Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Angus (1995)

I fell asleep during "Angus". I don't recall the last time I saw this movie. It may have been on video because I'm pretty certain I didn't see it in the theater. I did see the trailer for it and remember kids expressing their excitement over hearing Green Day being blared through the movie theater speakers. That's James Van Der Beek as the football playing-gets-everything-he-wants-jock. Not too much of a stretch for him considering his lame acting career. Sorry James, I never sat through an episode of "Dawson's Creek" and "The Rules Of Attraction" sucked big ol' balls. I think Bret Easton Ellis needs to get better directors to adapt his novels. "American Psycho" is a brighter spot in that series of gawd-awful movies Ellis originally penned (superior versions I might add, but that's a given with book to movie transformations).

Anyway, back to "Angus". It has not been officially released on DVD. You can order it from Amazon though because it is part of Warner Bros' Archive series where they make to order hard to find films with unfortunately no special features. They mostly have really bizarre made for TV movies that I really want to see like "Bad Ronald". Its strange to me that a film so recent (1995) such as "Angus" could get lost in the shuffle, but it is a mediocre one albeit with a small cult following. I love anything coming of age as much as the next person, but this movie always kinda rubbed me the wrong way. To be fair though, I'm going to have to view it again (now as an adult). I'll probably include an update whenever I have a chance to rewatch it.

Case in point, I applaud, or really cheer my head off at Netflix's decision to include rare, non-DVD, possibly on VHS films in their streaming service. It's genius. I only wish they included more (such as "Rolling Thunder" which is now "unavailable").

I re-watched this, and you know what? "Angus" STILL sucks. Maybe its due to my hatred for Green Day?

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  1. Unavailable drives me nuts. Was going to show the kids cool robot cartoons, aka 80's transformers series and go the dreaded unavailable tease in the search results. Had to settle for Voltron (which Harper is strangely addicted to.)