Monday, November 21, 2011

Hot Bubblegum

"Hot Bubblegum" is a pretty entertaining and crazy Hebrew language (although overdubbed in English in this case) teen flick with lots of sex and swearing. Among the rampant profanities are good 1950's rock'n'roll (mostly Ritchie Valens' "La Bamba" at every possible opportunity), cool clothes and almost every "Popsicle Girl" in an elastic waist belt. Here, we find main character, Benzi chasing the manipulative, slutty, shiny lipped Niki (played by Orna Dagan instead of Anat Atzmon who was Niki in "Lemon Popsicle") in a cloud of blind love. Supposedly, the "Nikis" are two separate characters. I haven't seen, "Going Steady" which is the film that's right before this one, so I may be a little lost of the continuing story line. 

Be sure to check out a fansite from the UK called "Lemon Popsicle Forever" that has a thorough overview of all the movies in the "Popsicle" series.

Again with the funny Netflix created box covers, they use this image here:
BUT, as far as I could tell, this image is not from this movie. 

Here's the original poster art:


  1. you don't miss anything from sequel to sequel. Was it extra foul? or was it the ondemand version i saw, like did a little kid pee in huey's mouth? For me this is the best of them all.

  2. Oh yeah, that kid peed on Huey. Ewwww. Yeah, it was pretty foul and somehow there always happens to be some older nyphomaniac woman. The overdubbed voices are so weird on some of the characters that they sound closer to Muppets than real people.